Frequently Asked Questions.....? 

Which Class/Age group should I Book my Baby/Child into?

BabyROO - is for 3 months old to established commando crawling 

Mobile Babies - Fast Commando crawling/creeping to cruising

Fairy Penguins - Nearly walking/just walking 

Penguins - Walking to 18 mths 

Koala  - 18 mths to 2 years

Wallabies - 2 to 2 1/2 years

Kangaroos - 2 1/2 to 3 years

Possums - 3 to 4 years

If I have some questions, what is the best way to contact GymbaROO?

Please phone us on 9890 4015 if you have any queries.

Our office is OPEN Tues - Fri 9.15am to 1.30pm & Sat 9.00am to 1.00pm.   We do find phone contact is more efficient as often queries need to be discussed & it's usually more helpful to talk one on one. 

We do have an answering machine so if you call out of hours or we can't answer as we are on another call or in a class, please leave a clear message & we'll get back to you asap. 

What if I'm not sure about committing to a Term at GymbaROO?

*For the Toddler ages upwards - It usually takes 3 weeks to settle into the classes & become familiar with the routine - why not do a '3 week Intro' for $75' & if you wish to continue - you just pay the balance remaining.

*You are always welcome to come along & have a 'Look & See' at what's happening in our GymbaROO & If your child would like to participate, just pay $25 & join in the Fun!

* Babies - we offer a Baby Trial Class for $15.

If you wish to continue with more classes you just pay the balance remaining for the term - too easy! 

How do I Book in?

Easy - either via this website & Click ENROL button. If *New to OUR GymbaROO click ENROL NOW. 

Click RE-ENROL only if this child has been before to us at either of our Box Hill North (or old Blackburn / Surrey Hills centre) - the RE-ENROL button. 

If a *New sibling is enrolling - please click on ENROL & you will need to enter all details for them including D.O.B - thankyou!

Or by Phone - 9890 4015.

Can I do a MakeUp Class if my child is Sick or there is an Emergency?

*Yes, MakeUp classes are available if your child is SICK or there is an EMERGENCY.

*Please note: Only 3 MakeUp classes are permitted per term & MakeUp classes can only be taken in the term you are attending and can not be carried over into the next term.

How do I do a MakeUp Class?

*Please view our Timetable re Class availability

Classes that are available are in either Green or Orange  

*There is NO need to book in for your MakeUp - just come along to an available class in Green or Orange & please arrive a few minutes early to Register your MakeUp & write out your Nametag.

If I have 2 Children attending, can I get a Discount?

Yes, you will receive a 10% Discount for the 2nd child.

Discount for Concession / Health Care card holder?

Yes, you will receive a 10% Discount on presentation of your card. 

Do you run by the School term of 10 weeks & what happens if some terms are only for 9 weeks?

Yes, we generally follow the School Terms & Fees are for 10 weeks.

If the GymbaROO term is only for 9 weeks (due to Public Hols etc) then there are options ie receive a GymbaROO Term CD valued at $25 or do a makeup class.

If I need to Cancel my Enrolment prior to the start of term, am I charge a Fee?

Yes, a $25 cancellation fee applies to cover Admin costs.

Once the term has started & if I can't attend, can I receive a refund?

  • Cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee.
  • Refunds are calculated from the end of business day that you informed us of your intention to cancel less the admin fee. If you call the same day as your scheduled class that session is not included in the refund.

Alternatively - you can receive a Credit Voucher (for the classes remaining from when you notified us) which can be used towards either - Next terms fees, or can be given to a sibling or friend. 


* We also offer Parties & PlayDates at our centre for ages 1, 2 & 3.



Limited spaces available


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