Have your Party at The Little Window

for Babies & Ages 1, 2, 3 

Especially for little ones & their favourite grown-ups!

Book a Party:

We can create a Party that is perfect for you & your LittleOne.

We have a beautiful, bright, happy, modern, cosy centre that everyone loves...With lots of wonderful play equipment - so your little one can climb, swing, crawl through tunnels, do puzzles, musical instruments, sing, dance, exercise & have lots of Fun! Our Parties are specifically designed just for your childs group of friends - to suit their age & individual abilities.

Birthday Parties at The Little Window  - Start at $295 for 1.5 hours or $335 for 2 hours) for up to 10 kids (Party host family can arrive 30mins before guests to set up & allotted 30mins at end to pack up).

More than 10 little guests?

Extra Guests - Babies from 3 months to Crawling @ $15 each. Extra Guest - Toddler age upwards to 4.5 yrs @ $18 each. 

 We design each party individually to cater for your baby/child's needs/likes, while also considering the age of the other little guests.

Helium Balloons / Invitations / Bubbles / Teddy Bears Picnic / Treasure Hunt / Musical Instruments / Parachute / Lots of options - please speak to us to find out what is included in your Little Ones, Two, Three year old Party...!!!





Limited spaces available

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