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To Bernadette & all the fabulous staff at Surrey Hills Gymbaroo, - Our thanks for (almost) five wonderful years at Gymbaroo. Xavier was six weeks old when he came to his first Gymbaroo class. He'd cried fairly constantly from the moment he was born & he cried through the first class too. At the second one though, the minute the music started, he stopped & he was completely engaged. I knew we were on to something.

We've watched him becoming more confident, skilled & have seen his easy transition into kindergarten & we know that has so much basis from his learning & growth at Gymbaroo.

Thanks for the classes & the great ideas you've given us. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for always listening to Xavier's anecdotes, even when they had nothing to do with the theme of the class.

What a great start to life & learning! Love from Sarita, Mark & Xavier

Sarita, Mark & Xavier, Box Hill

We used to live in Flemington and drive every weekend all the way to Surrey Hills Gymbaroo as a friend had recommended it to us. Bernadette possesses ability to develop friendship with children and our daughter was always looking forward to the weekend for the Gymbaroo class. We have since moved to NSW and our daughter still misses you and your class. Thank you for your kind attention to our child and we wish you the best in the future. You truly are a remarkable teacher, a good friend and a I have yet to see a teacher more committed to her profession. thanks again, Usman, Amarah and our daughter ESCHAL

Usman, NSW

Dear Bernadette, Thank-you so much for years of fun at Gymbaroo. Not only are you caring and interested in all of us, but the activities and play equipment are amazing. Best of all, Charlotte having her 4th birthday at Gymbaroo was fantastic. It was so much easier for Mum and Dad and everyone had an absolute ball with the dancing, treasure hunt game and parachute. We think Harrison might just want the same! Thanks again. Lucky Harrison has another year of fun at Gymbaroo too.

Charlotte and Harrison, Glen Iris

My son (Noah) has thrived during his time at Surrey Hills Gymbaroo. He has taken what he has learnt from his classes and has used these experiences in his everyday life. One day he was stuck at the top of a ladder at a playground - he called out for help to get him down. I told him to walk down backwards like a fireman - just like he was taught at Gymbaroo. He confidently climbed down the ladder. This is just one of many examples. Thankyou so much Bernadette & all the girls for your enjoyable & informative classes. Thankyou to Gymbaroo!

Honor & Noah, Blackburn

Dear Bern, Thanks for two years of Fun. I can now, run, jump, climb, swing, sing, play music and even listen! I have had such a great time, - thanks for being a brilliant leader. Lots of Love Amelia 

Hart, Belinda & Amelia, Forest Hill

Happy 3rd Birthday to Surrey Hills Gymbaroo! (Birthday Card, July 2008) - Bernadette - you and your team do an amazing job and we are very lucky to be part of your fabulous centre & community. All the very best for the years to come.

Much love from the Chia Squad!

Rina, Andrew, Corey & Nathan, Mont Albert

Thankyou so much for the wonderful birthday party you helped make so special. Lizzie had a great time with her friends and you made it a lot of fun but also very relaxing for us.

Lizzie loves her Gymbaroo class and was so happy that her friends could enjoy it with her. Many thanks.

Rachel, Jim, Lizzie & Tom, Surrey Hills

Dear Bernadette & Gymbaroo, Thankyou so much for teaching me so much over the last few years. I've had lots of fun and had a great time. My Mum and Nan are especially happy with everything I've done. Lots of love Sarah xo

Michelle & Sarah, Forest Hill

Dear Bernadette, Jan & all the team at Gymbaroo, We thank you for all your enthusiasm and encouragement with Alessandro this year and we look forward to continuing all the fun next year!

Lisa, Alessandro & Nanny Franc, Camberwell

Dear Bernadette & Gymbaroo, we have been to various classes but we still prefer to come to Surrey Hills. The dedication and support from Bernadette and the team comes from true passion and dedication to the development of the children. Bernadette has an amazing capability to connect with the children and get them to run with the class routines. It has always been a battle to get Tristan changed in the morning. One Saturday morning, I said \"Tristan, let?s get you changed and we can go to Gymbaroo?. He instantly stopped his tantrums and came willingly to be changed which was an absolute surprise. Bernadette has also helped Tristan to overcome his fear of sitting on the swing. Tristan now loves sitting on the swing and enjoys the classes. He has come a long way from the massive crying at the first lesson.

James, Pamela & Tristan, Fitzroy

our daughter gemma loves gymbaroo she cant wait for thursdays and the woman there are faboulous

Michelle Beachley, Ringwood

Dear Bernadette and Louise, Thank you so much for the wonderful time Valerie & I had over the previous 9 terms. We knew what Gymbaroo would bring to Valerie?s early years development based on our 2 older sons? experiences with Gymbaroo, sure enough we weren?t disappointed. Valerie?s overall development leaped in her first term with Gymbaroo. I still remembered her very first class, at the age of 1 ? years, she listened and followed Bernadette?s instruction to pack up the activity. I was amazed and impressed! During the first few terms, she learnt and mastered the skill to jump. As parents, we take a lot of things for granted until we watch our children learn, struggle, practice and eventually get the hang of these basic skills. We are so grateful to have a program like Gymbaroo that guides us along our parenthood and our ?babies? early years development journey. Bernadette, we love your ever so calming voice that works so beautifully with the children every class, (it really proves there is no need to scream and yell to get their attention!) we also love all the tips for parents, and admire your energy and passion for the children. Louise, we always love to hear the extra interesting facts on animals from you and where to go for children attractions, you are always perfect with timing to ensure a smooth running of all the activities and you always do a fantastic job whenever you stepped up to lead the class. Valerie always looked forward to every Gymbaroo classes. She loved (and still do) all the Gymbaroo music, we are still listening and singing to our collection of Gymbaroo CDs in the car. It was a very tough decision for us to move on. Thank you once again for such a fun and enriching experience for all of us. We will miss you all. Our very best wishes to you and your family! Best regards, Ivy, Nelson and Valerie

Nelson, Ivy and Valerie, Glen Iris


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